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Let’s work together to shape new solutions for leadership, organization, and culture for sustainable change.

Leaders of change

Create exceptional leadership within your Organization

Strong leadership has always been and will always be essential for driving change and achieving success. We collaborate with individuals and leadership teams to cultivate their skills and implement modern and adapted methods to ensure functionality in your current work environment. Our emphasis lies in practical, hands-on techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into daily practices, facilitating the establishment of a unified sense of purpose and direction within the organization – even remote. We support you by:

  • Establishing effective Hybrid and Remote Work Structures
  • Cultivating a Culture of Trust, nurturing collaboration and innovation.
  • Fostering Productive Collaboration
  • Providing methods and tools for Empowering Teams

and more..

Tool: Leadership Assessment

Gain insights into your leadership behaviors and decision-making styles, understand what’s missing in the new work environments, and leverage what you learn to drive positive change in your organization.

Leadership Consulting

We assist your leaders in understanding the behavioral changes that have occurred in the last years, supporting them in navigating conflict, boosting productivity, enhancing quality, measuring progress, and more. Together, we find solutions to guide your organization towards success and sustainable growth once again.

Training & Certifications: for Leaders

We offer customized training and workshop sessions to address your specific challenges, along with internationally respected certifications.

Organizational Change requires adaptation

Change initiatives must acknowledge the new work environments and people’s expectations. As old solutions no longer suffice, the evolving work landscape requires adjustments in both strategies and operational workflows. Our experienced consultants and coaches assist you with:

  • Adopting home office and hybrid workflows.
  • Enhancing your digital transformation efforts.
  • Swiftly identifying system gaps.
  • Implementing effective communication methods.

Consulting: Sustainable Change

Sustainable change within an organization requires leadership commitment, a clear vision and strategy, employee engagement, and processes that support resilience. Discover our holistic approach, which incorporates data-driven decision-making.

Education: Organizational Learning

We recognize the importance of hybrid and remote work environments and leverage blended learning approaches to customize learning programs for all roles and individuals. Additionally, we offer training for internal educators to develop sustainable programs.

Tool: The Organizational Strategy Map

Stay updated with real-time insights into product and project development, gain transparent, incremental understanding of organizational changes through ongoing improvements and make informed decisions based on data.

Understanding the Organizational Culture you need

Successful implementation of organizational changes and strategies hinges on the organization’s culture. Due to changing work environments, the existing culture needs to be shaped and allowed to develop based on the new ways. Failure to do so can be counterproductive. We assist in:

  • aligning cultural values,
  • adopting new leadership styles,
  • improving decision-making processes,
  • fostering transparency, and
  • enhancing communication methods.

and more …

HR: The ideal education for each career path.

We support you in finding the best and most suitable education for the workforce you are responsible for, whether it involves training, mentoring, or teaching new methods to teams.

Tool: OrgScan™ offers unbiased insights

into your organization’s culture, leadership styles, and employee happiness, providing the actual status quo. Scientific analysis helps you navigate organization’s dynamics effectivly.

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Are you seeking assistance at the team level?

Team: Overcome recurring Challenges

Our sister business, agile42, brings over 15 years of experience in supporting teams facing challenges such as new work environments, digitalization, or undergoing an agile transformation. They excel in understanding change and what’s needed to gain traction again by facilitating team alignment, providing daily support in problem-solving, and helping establish better processes for:

  • Scaling and Growth
  • Correcting ineffective methods
  • Improving workflows
  • Understanding tools and techniques to support hybrid and remote work.

Training: Certified & Non Certified

We offer high-quality, engaging training programs, certified and non-certified, covering a range of topics from Agile methodology to coaching, OKRs, Design Thinking, and more.

Workshops – Hands on

Whether you seek new ways of working or solutions for enhancing product quality, stakeholder management, conflict resolution, and more, our workshops are tailored to your specific needs.

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Give us a call: +49 (0) 30 20053958

Write us an email: [email protected]


with us directly by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner.
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