Yesterday’s solutions no longer

solve today’s problems


Leadership faces distinct challenges in managing remote or hybrid teams. Elevate your leadership for today’s needs.


Adapt your organizational culture to recognize both company needs and people’s autonomy, while providing effective tools for work.


Your organization should master effective scalability and foster resilience to tackle today’s challenges and proactively meet the demands of the future.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

Albert Einstein

“Why then would anyone believe that relying on old solutions in a changed environment is a wise choice?”


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Leadership, organization, and culture form integral components for organizational success. Drawing from 15 years of consulting experience, we understand that relying on yesterday’s solutions to tackle challenges is no longer sufficient. Embracing new or adapted approaches is essential to drive innovation, effective leadership, and communication, ensuring long-term success.


is the cornerstone of your organizational success, guiding individuals toward common goals and fostering collaboration.


provides the structured framework for goal pursuit, optimizing resource allocation and adaptability for success.


reflects the collective beliefs and behaviors, influenced by leadership, and drives collaboration, innovation, and performance.

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About Leadership

“sipgate is all about innovation, so the ability to maneuver complex and new environments is key to us. The ORGANIC agility approach guides our leadership team in the constant efforts to create a more modern and resilient organization by helping us gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of our value chain and focus of effectiveness for the whole.”

Tim MoisCEO sipgate

About Strategy Map

” We have grown into an adventurous and learning organization. Our strategy is clear, focused and we continuously check whether we are still on track or not. Our Agile Strategy Map visualizes our business; we differentiate between CSFs (confirmed success factors) and PSFs (potential success factors) in order to be able to focus on what is essential. This allows us to react fast to a changing environment and incorporate new issues even in a full schedule.”

Christina KiehlCEO Congstar

About OrgScan Tool

“As CEO of Divimove, I’m proud to share our recent journey following a major merger, where we encountered various challenges in integrating teams and fostering collaboration. While our goal was not only to expand, we also aimed for cohesive growth within our organization. OrgScan visualized our culture and enabled us to define the right changes within our transition. Over just six months, we successfully aligned our teams and established a new culture and structure, resulting in significant progress.

Tobias SchiwekCEO Divimove

About Training

“I can honestly say this was hands down the best training class I have ever attended. You guys do an amazing job facilitating and keeping people interested. I am so excited to use the new tools in my toolbox for my future work.”

Stephanie C.

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